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FoxCreek Family Tennis Center
5445 Beavercrest Drive, Suite E, Lorain, Ohio 44053
Call Club 440-444-0465 or Call/ Text
Billy Levi 440.522.5610


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Thursday, August 22, 2019 
Unlimited Court Rules & Regulations
FoxCreek Family Tennis Center 2019/2020 Membership
Rules and regulations for unlimited court time memberships
* Unlimited members may play any time the club is open. All members will be notified if the club is having special functions, tournaments, etc.
* Court time for singles is limited to 1 ½ hours during non-prime time and 1 hour during prime time
* Court time for doubles is limited to 2 hours during non-prime time and 1 ½ hours during prime time
* Member may call Billy Levi at 440-522-5610   72 hours in advance to reserve court
* Non-transferable. If you need a sub for group play and they do not have an unlimited court time membership, that person will be required to pay their share of posted court time rate
* Unlimited court time memberships cannot be used for club functions, USTA matches, or tournaments. All regular fees will apply.
* Member cannot reserve more than 1 time slot per day
* Family memberships are intended for immediate family living in the same household
* Unlimited Junior playing with an adult: the adult pays $12 court time fee
* Unlimited Junior playing with another junior: if the 2nd junior doesn't have an unlimited court time membership, the junior pays $8 court time fee
Court Fees for regular membership and non-members
Court Fees                                                 Member                                          Non-Member
Singles                 Non-Prime Time       $10 per person per hour             $13 per person per hour                         
                              Prime Time                $13 per person per hour               $16 per person per hour
Doubles                Non-Prime Time       $10 per person per 1 ½ hour       $13 per person per 1 ½ hour
                              Prime                         $12 per person per 1 ½ hour        $15 per person per 1 ½ hour
Non-Prime Time hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm, Saturday and Sunday 1pm-4pm
Prime Time Hours: Monday-Thursday 4pm-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-1pm                                                                                                                                                   




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