junior tennis

Junior Tennis announcements:

  • All younger Junior Programs start Saturday September 26th 
  • High School Clinic starts Saturday October 24th
  • All clinics are "pay as you go".  We accept cash or check only
  • To receive member pricing, you must purchase a membership 


Future Pro's/Challenger 1 & 2

high School clinic

PEE WEE tennis

3 - 5 year old's     11:30am - 12:15pm     Cost: $ 15 non-members, $10 members       

A tennis program designed to introduce young players to basic skills and techniques of tennis in a fun environment.  The classes include: 

*  Basic anatomy of the court and tennis stroke     *  Game based footwork and agility drills focused on developing the player's feet/hand/eye coordination  

*  Foam/decompressed balls will be used to give players more time to make contact and achieve success while developing skills     *  Racquets will be provided as needed

Future Pro's

Future Pro's 6-8 year old's     12:30 - 1:30pm    Cost: $20 non-members, $15 members    

Future Pro's  goal is to help develop love of the game of tennis through game-based instruction while learning excellent fundamentals.  The classes include:

*  Tennis based footwork and agility drills focused on developing the player's feet, hand, eye coordination     *  Emphasis on forehand and backhand ground stroke grips as well as proper footwork while moving to the ball

*  Use of hand-feeding, racquet feeding, and some co-operative rallying and point play to help develop skills      *  Racquets provided as needed

CHALLENGER 1 & 2    

Ages 9 - 14      1:30 - 3:00pm     Cost: $30 non-members, $25 members

Challenger 1 group will cover all the basics with the goal of learning to rally and playing points. A lot of different fun games will be used to achieve this goal.

Challenger 2 group is for players that can rally/play points from the baseline.  The goal for this group is getting ready to play matches.


Boys and Girls High School Clinic      1:30 - 3:00pm      Cost: $30 non-members, $25 members 

Join the fun!    Meet players from other schools!